News & Events

  • Youtube Channel Launch

    BRS Media, which embarked on a massive public outreach exercise through Facebook and Twitter, has decided to go a step further - it's launching its own YouTube channel. The new channel will allow the public greater live access to important events like the course module of different subjects.

    Viewers are encouraged to comment below the videos and to request videos of their favourite games.

  • International AWS Summit

    AWS Summits feature a keynote address highlighting the latest announcements from AWS and customer testimonials, technical sessions led by AWS engineers, and hands-on technical training. You will learn best practices for deploying applications on AWS, optimizing performance, monitoring cloud resources, managing security, cutting costs, and more. You will also have opportunities to meet AWS staff and partners to get your technical questions answered.

  • Participated in SME Connect Summit

    SME Connect is a Connect initiative to serve the unique needs of small and mid-size enterprises. SME Connect's core mission is to assist small and mid-sized enterprises facilitate growth, innovation and cost savings. This will be accomplished through a diverse mix of peer-to-peer executive development roundtables, benchmarking, and cost savings programs, coupled with existing Connect programs.