Content Conversion

Whatever your source materials, BRS Media has deep experience converting any original content format into any digital end product format. We input, scan, tag, index, label, and prepare digital content for publishing to all output media types – from eBooks and PDFs to digital journals, websites and interactive textbooks. In the process, we apply the expertise of subject matter editors to ensure your deliverables meet the highest quality expectations.

Digital Content Production

Whether you are channeling periodic digital publications to your readers, repurposing product or training information, converting print books to eBooks, or preparing your content for multimedia delivery in HTML, BRS Media innovative content and document conversion processes ensure your content is transformed fast and cost-effectively – with uncompromising quality – allowing you to meet your audiences expectations for timely and relevant digital content.

Standard input media include:

  • Printed materials
  • Application files
  • Content databases

We provide seamless and rapid content conversion / document conversion to all media types including:

  • eBooks
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Websites
  • HTML5