We create solutions for various major industries to meet the most challenging technology requirements with higher expertise, capability and skills. We work for you to provide the technical skills for your business needs with innovative way, greater flexibility, faster technology and greater business values.

We deliver business driven information technology solution that helps our clients to improve business productivity. Our industry leading solution enable clients business more responsive to achieve market opportunities and threats, and strengthen the relationship with their customers .

BRS Media a leading IT service provider and IT product development company always comes to you with end-to-end learning solutions for educational institutes and corporate sector.We offers a easy to understand, user friendly and reliable product with latest technology and enabling learning when you want, where you want it. We develop content for performance improvement.

School Education

We develop content for the Preschool, Kindergarten school, from standard 1 to 12, which includes illustrations, animations, texts, videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities & quizzes with expertise skills. We draw competencies in the school education domain from our technology and extensive experience on complex and long-term engagements for a variety of clients.

We have handled a diversity of subject matter and grade levels. We create digital learning with new streams of knowledge to make education easy and maximise success in every stage of the learning. We develop custom K-12 or school-based interactive digital content in multiple languages.


  • Dynamic interaction to engage student.
  • Monitoring & screen share.
  • Control the teaching environment.
  • Real-time question & answer.
  • Students can learn in a fun, creative and interactive manner.
  • The solution brings an enhanced learning environment.

Higher Education

Now a day, college and university education is going through a dynamic change with an era of latest digital technology. We continue to advance our role in education by maximising student success and institutional effectiveness. Our solutions allow students to find the education material that is easily accessible by their latest digital device. We develop educational content for higher education in various subjects.

Our higher education learning solutions target at solving the following challenges:

  • Increasing student attrition
  • Low student engagement
  • Limited access to quality educational resources
  • Lack of productivity tools for teachers
  • Disparate technology support systems

Our Higher Education learning Services includes:

  • Program Conceptualization
  • Content Development
  • Progams for on-ground courses
  • Courseware for online courses
  • Conversion Services
  • Translation Services

Corporate Training

Business requires quick and effective transform in product development and management to meet the changing needs of today's market. Our learning services are an extended and ready expertise for your enterprise to leverage and make your learning and development team complete to achieve vision. We believe in delivering high quality learning, training and skill development solution that produce high and direct impact on individual performance and business outcomes.

We provide comprehensive learning solutions for enterprise to strengthen the human resources with proper training, learning and development techniques. It helps to:

  • Get the best out of your people
  • Educate your customers
  • Induct your people
  • Health and safety
  • Improve your people related processes
  • Map your customer touch points
  • Visualise your strategies
  • Connecting your systems with your people
  • Building your brand

Application Software

BRS Media provides custom Application Software Development that helps your organization, business and clients more effectively to manage projects, collaborate and share information. Our expert team work with you to develop the product throughout the product lifecycle to determine best practices and requirements, delivering exceptional consulting, design, ensuring rapid development, testing and implementation. Our applications feature complete business process management, user management, data collection, data import, advance search capabilities, report creation. We ensure high quality for our Customers by providing the best-in-class Services and Solutions.

We are professional and technocrat expertise delivering best quality to achieve Customer Satisfaction and take pride in Customers Business. Our knowledge and experience in Software Services in various domain & technology and Software Solution Development makes us to deliver best in industry with high quality to our Customers.

Benefits of our Application Software Solution

  • Cost effective and scalable solutions.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Consistent quality levels.
  • Increased uptimes & consistent performance.
  • Proper Risk Management model.
  • Rigid QA Process.

Technology Solution

Technology is a critical aspect of every successful business, so selecting the right technology partner is an important decision. That being said, you've come to the right place! Our team has been helping businesses of all sizes develop and support their IT infrastructure for over years — we've done it all, from mobile web sites, to totally custom web applications and comprehensive business solutions. Our technical knowledge coupled with our years helping build businesses is a resource our clients find invaluable. Whether you're a hot new startup company or an established organization with a new technology initiative, we have the resources in-house to help you develop and support your IT infrastructure.

  • Programming

    • Web Sites
    • Web & Mobile Applications
    • Front-end Development
    • Database Development
    • Systems Integration
    • CMS Systems
  • Technical Consulting

    • Infrastructure
    • Analysis/Design
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • CRM Systems
    • Code Optimization
    • Security Reviews
  • Solutions

    • Magento E-commerce
    • WordPress Design & Customization
    • Business Hosting