Custom Content Development

BRS Media custom develops content for clients on an e-learning/blended learning platform. Custom content is specifically useful for areas where the company possesses proprietary knowledge/processes, for company specific topics such as policies & induction programs, and for topics on which off-the-shelf content is not readily available.

The process flow, and roles involved in such a project are provided in the chart below.

The advantages of custom content development vis-a-vis off-the-shelf content are :

  1. Ability to calibrate quality, content coverage and emphasis.
  2. Tailored to the technology environment and to the needs of the specific audience in question.
  3. Perpetual license and unrestricted use of content internally.
  4. Ability to modify content on-demand to increase shelf life of content.

BRS Media prides itself on its competencies in the instructional design domain which helps it deliver high quality courses. It is this capability which allows us to deliver a high level of content relevance and thereby, also differentiate from the competition in terms of a high ratio of value delivered to cost.

Whether the client organization has been using e-learning for years, or if the organization is new to e-learning, BRS Media can blend its process accordingly with the client organization’s to make the process seamless and smooth for the client.