BRS Media provide end-to-end eLearning solutions and specialize in the innovative use of technology. Our applications have been used on a large scale by hundreds of thousands of learners. BRS Media has designed and developed products for educational schools, institutes, universities, publishing houses, and corporates.

We help students, candidates, employees to improve performance through our wide range of learning products and services. Our product offer a wide range of resources from texts, graphics, animations, infographics, eBooks that have been created with the sole aim of spreading knowledge in simple and well understanding way.

We transform information with creative ideas, innovation and technology expertise into industry-specific solution that helps clients to achieve thier business goals.


Development Process

We manage E-Learning project from begin to cease with the help of following steps.

Services Include

To escort to propel as an international identity on virtue of our solution and thrust to grow. We always strive to deliver excellence through:

  • K-12 E-Learning

    Our elearning products for K-12 help teacher to prepare and enable students as well to see the improved outcomes they want to acquires their respective need.

  • Corporate E-Learning

    We gives our service to small, medium and large sized companies. During developemt we take care of all necessary measurement tools required for performance

  • Custom Development

    Custom content is specifically useful for areas where the company possesses proprietary knowledge / processes, for company specific topics such as policies & induction

  • Content Conversion

    We input, scan, tag, index, label, and prepare digital content for publishing to all output media types – from eBooks and PDFs to digital journals, websites and interactive

  • ePublishing

    Educational institutions, Corporates, Organizations and businesses are now necessary to produce and publish content compatible to digital media devices.

  • Flipbook

    Which is why flipbook is such a valuable resource for e-learning! It can be used with students who never get to share a physical space, or it can be used in

  • Multilanguage

    To connect and unite cultures through outstanding multi language courses and interpreting services, while contributing to the growth and enrichment of the

  • Translation

    BRS Media provide high quality language translation service and improve industry standards. A world connected through language where cultural barriers are