Flip Book

Elearning is no longer a new concept, and it’s probably one of the biggest blessings of technology! Think about it! To be able to access information wherever you are, attend university classes even if you’ve never even visited that particular campus, to share and get feedback with other teachers and students in online spaces. Not to mention how cost-effective it is.

Which is why flipbook is such a valuable resource for e-learning! It can be used with students who never get to share a physical space, or it can be used in addition to a classic teaching system, to add the benefits of various types of media.

With the addition of hyperlinks, audio and video coming to the beautiful flipping books soon, flipping is definitely learning. E-learning, that is!

Try it, love it, and come back to tell us how you use it!

Services Include

  • Books

  • Brochures

  • Journels