Digital Storyboarding

A digital storyboard is a graphical representation of the all of the elements that will be included in a digital story. A storyboard is a sequence of sketch to determine the flow to organize a story and a list outs its contents for maximum effect.The storyboard is usually created before actual work on creating the digital story begins and a written description and graphical depiction of the elements of the story, such as images, text, narration, music, transitions, etc. are added to the storyboard.

A storyboard helps you to:

  • Define the parameters of a story within available resources and time
  • Organize and focus a story
  • Figure out what medium to use for each part of the story
  • Requirements graphical elements of the story

A multimedia storyborad is the combination of text, graphics, photos, video, audio, and interactivity presented in a linear format in which the information in each medium is complementary. Our digital storyboard service should put together all these elements in mind and tackle the story as:

  • divide the story into its logical, nonlinear parts
  • a lead or nut paragraph, essentially addressing why this story is important
  • profiles of the main person or people in the story
  • the event or situation
  • any process or how something works
  • pros and cons
  • the history of the event or situation
  • other related issues raised by the story